Shooting Bright with the Ricoh GR

Living in another country, Christmas is always a little different from how you remember it as a youngster. The Finch family work on a ‘Dual FaceTime’ idea where I chat with them on my Christmas morning (+9 GMT) and then they speak to me on their, the true Christmas morning. It leaves me with a full day between calls, so I took to the streets and sought to get a grip on my Ricoh which had been sitting unused for a number of weeks.

I had felt that a lot of my shots had been very dark and while I liked the colour rendition a lot (helped by VSCO), I wanted to take advantage of the crisp weather and give VSCO more to work with.

R0021101-1 R0021104-2I noticed these new rails on the way back from grabbing my morning coffee and made sure I came back to take a photo.

R0021106-3 R0021107-4 R0021108-5 R0021114-6 R0021115-7

Looking back, I should have gotten far closer than I did for this shot.

R0021119-8 R0021120-9

This bird almost took my bleeding head off as it swooped out of nowhere!

R0021122-10 R0021124-11 R0021125-12

My first time playing with the Macro Mode.

R0021127-13 R0021129-14 R0021131-15 R0021132-16 R0021133-17

I’ve lived in places like this before. They’re always nicer inside than out.

R0021136-18 R0021138-19 R0021139-20 R0021140-21 R0021142-22 R0021146-23


R0021149-24 R0021151-25 R0021164-26 R0021165-27 R0021167-28 R0021172-29 R0021175-30 R0021185-31

Shadow play, feat me.

R0021188-32Note to self: MUST SHOOT HERE

R0021189-33 R0021190-34 R0021199-35

I’ve shot this wall far too much, but this is one of my favourites.


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