Mixing ‘work’ and play

I know that I said I wouldn’t, but shooting with JOYRICH doesn’t really feel like ‘work’ anyway. I’ve continued to play with the vibrant presets because it lets me have more fun than I can with my ‘work’ photos. Favourite shot is absolutely the self portrait using the timed light by the front door.

R0020379-2 R0020381-3 R0020386-4 R0020390-5 R0020392-6 R0020395-7 R0020397-8 R0020399-9 R0020400-10 R0020403-11 R0020408-12 R0020410-13 R0020412-14 R0020414-15 R0020415-16 R0020417-17 R0020420-18 R0020427-19 R0020440-20


3 thoughts on “Mixing ‘work’ and play

  1. Hi Alex, great shots. I really dig both your “work” and personal shots.
    I was wondering if you could give us a quick feedback on the Ricoh GR. I’m struggling to choose between a GR or a Fuji x100T.
    Have a good day~

    1. Hi there!

      I have a friend who uses the X100 and when I got to play with it, I enjoyed it immensely. I had the same considerations when I made my purchase but I ended up edging towards the Ricoh because of the sharpness and what I believe to be a great ergonomic design.

      Merry Christmas and I hope you decide which one you want (or if you have already, then which one was it?)

      1. Hi Alex!

        First of all I wish you a Happy New Year. Health and lots of great shots for this year!

        Thank you for your answer. I too was more inclined to get the GR for its sharpness and the snap-focus mode but after a quick try, the lack of a real OVF made the difference for me. I offered myself the x100T for Christmas… still have to get used to some of the ergonomics but you’re right it’s a real joy to shoot with. I used to always go out whit my DSLR and a 35mm Konica Hexar but it’s pure bliss to just wander in the streets without a big and heavy DSLR.

        Don’t catch a cold strolling in 가로수길!

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