Hongdae on a Sunny Afternoon

One thing that was always going to make the photography that I do most often feel like work, was the location (Garosugil, for the most part) so it’s important that I take the time to find different streets to wander with the GR. Thankfully, my friend Johnny lives in the Hongdae area and was free this past Sunday for somewhat of a photowalk. I took over 100 shots during the day, but narrowed it down to this set and vibrantly edited again with VSCO Film Pack 06.

R0020241-1 R0020244-2 R0020249-3 R0020254-4 R0020256-5 R0020270-6 R0020274-7 R0020276-8 R0020280-9 R0020282-10 R0020287-11 R0020293-12 R0020302-13 R0020310-14 R0020312-15 R0020313-16 R0020316-17 R0020318-18 R0020319-19 R0020326-20

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