The new Ricoh GR and VSCO Film Pack 06

As you might have guessed by the title, after much consideration I have recently purchased a Ricoh GR and, after much less consideration (what is there to consider?), the VSCO Film Pack 06. The shots below are from my first jaunt out and about with the camera and while there is quite a bit of noise (I was running on ISO 6400 and f/8) I don’t find it that annoying for the most part. Let me know what you think as I’ll be adding more posts and really getting to grips with the camera over the next month or so.

R0020023-1 R0020026-2 R0020032-3 R0020034-4 R0020043-5 R0020044-6 R0020046-7 R0020048-8 R0020069-9 R0020156-10 R0020164-11 R0020168-12 R0020176-13 R0020177-14 R0020179-15 R0020180-16 R0020183-17 R0020185-18 R0020193-19 R0020196-20 R0020199-21 R0020204-22 R0020208-23

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